McLaren GT. Photo.

Another fab collaboration with McLaren, Carnage Film, Piggy Lines and Callan Green. Prodcued by Carnage Films and locally assisted by Mamma Team, shot on location near Almeria using a Leica M6 and Kodak Plus X for some images and Phase One for the others. Lith prints by Platinum, Oliver Rolf, Hamburg. Re-worked and shots added in 2021 by 617 Digital and Silver Grapes.


client: McLaren | project: GT | agency: Carnage Film | creative director: Piggy Lines | executive producer: Sophie Weldon | production company: Carnage Film / Mamma Team | photo assistants: Gregor Klaus, Javi Marmol | talent: San Yelamos | wardrobe stylist: Lúcia López | precision driver: San Yelamos | post production: Mustard Post, Christian Cordova Bueno, 617 Digital, Silver Grapes | location: Almeria, Spain | year: 2019