Havana, Cuba

Photo Real

I spent 4 days in Havana, Cuba in March 2017. I had Faustino (my driver), Norberto (my producer) and Heidi (Norberto´s girlfriend) drive me around Havana. As a matter of fact a lot of these images were shot from Faustino´s car while driving thru the streets. I was there to shoot a few new faces for my Naked in the Kitchen series, Faustino is actually one of the "models"  in the Naked in the Kitchen series. This reportage shows the Havana I was able to experience while visting Cubans in their homes. All images were shot with Leica Q. I love that camera. Thank you Norberto for everything and thank you Tom Stein for the fabulous image editing.

| project: Havanna, Cuba - personal project | post production print: Zerone Personal, Tom Stein | location: Havanna, Cuba | year: 2017