Naked In The Kitchen.

This is an ongoing project. I arrange to visit my "models" at home, in their own kitchens. I use Craig´s List and other forums like that to find my "models". I usually do not know them beforehand. A session takes about 60 minutes and I shoot between 8 and 12 rolls of Kodak Tri X 120 film per person. I use a Hasselblad 500 ELX with a 50 mm lens for everyone. I also use the same shutter speed for everyone, a 1/30 as that gives me just enough blur when they move about. It´s a documentary shoot, I try to give no or very little instructions and just capture what happens. I have shot these in Berlin, Hamburg, London, Barcelona, Lisbon, Boston, Miami, SF, LA, San Diego, Cape Town, Melbourne, Reykjavík, Mexcico City, Tulum and Havana. This series was recently decorated with the AOP Gold Award for personal projects. Me now very proud.


black and white lab: Platinum, Oliver Rolf, Hamburg scans and post production: Christian Cordova Bueno, Hamburg