IT´S A WRAP - a phrase used in movie making, commercials and photo productions to tell actors and the crew that the shooting of a particular scene or the entire day has finished. 

As a world renowned photographer and director, I've trotted the globe. Along the way I’ve sipped, and downed, beers from every corner of the Earth. From mega-brews to the lovingly crafted ones, I've tried them all. And guess who was by my side? My best beer buddy, Leon! Who also happens to be my beloved son.

Now, here's where the plot thickens: Leon, who used to help me with all the flashy stuff… literally, traded the camera lens for hops and barley in 2017. And voila! How the turntables have turned. Now I’ve combined my passions for film and beer for a chance to brew alongside him. But we're not just brewing any beer. We're fermenting movie magic! Each beer we craft has a fun film or photography twist in its name. 

Ready for some action? Lights, camera, beer!