Toyota´s Electric Future Is Here

Concept, set design, script, produced, photographed and directed by Yours Truly. I did have some help here and there obvs. See below.

I asked ChatGPT if I was a good match for this shoot and here is the answer: as of my knowledge Simon Puschmann is a highly regarded photographer and director known for his innovative and artistic approach to commercial and advertising projects. However, the suitability of any photographer, including Simon Puschmann, for Toyota car photography would depend on various factors, including the specific style and requirements of the advertising campaign, the vision of the client or agency, and the intended message or aesthetic.

To determine if Simon Puschmann is a good match for Toyota car photography, it would be advisable to review his portfolio and past work. Look for examples of his automotive photography, paying attention to his ability to capture the essence of the brand, showcase the features of the cars effectively, and align with the overall marketing objectives.

Additionally, it's common for clients to consider factors such as the photographer's understanding of the brand, experience with similar projects, and creative vision. Collaborative communication between the client and the photographer is also crucial to ensure that the final output aligns with the brand's image and goals.

There you have it. I am going to go out on a limb and assume that the agency Prodigious, London did consider all of the above and ended up chosing me. Thank you for your trust. Much appreciated.

Client: Toyota Europe
Agency: Prodigious, London
Senior Art Director: Stuart James

Produced by: Sven Laabs, John Cross, Simon Puschmann
PA: Markus Albrecht
Assistants: Markus Sende (BTS photos), Matthias Kühl, Marc Neuhaus

DOP: Patrice Lange
1st AD: Tom Wendt
1st AC: Oliver Menebröcker

TA / Car Technician: Bert Brogers
Set Builder: Diogo Keep Good Company
Stylist: Julia Atitié
H&M: Elena Köhler
Models: Luca, Jean Baptiste, 4Play Hamburg

Retouching: Christian Cordova Bueno
Edit: David Theill
Nuke and film retouching: Harvest Digital Agrculture
Color Grading: Florian Flosch Schäfer
Sound Design: Tom Puschmann
Online: Ruben Rudewig

Location: Elegant Elephant Studios

Toyota´s Electric Future Is Here - Launch Film

BTS images